The Pentecost of Crossing the Divide of This Nation

May 29, 2020   ·  

The High School Seniors preached and Michele wanted to talk a little about Pentecost, modern-day lynching, and an opportunity to call the question about our work. More

Kids in the backseat

May 24, 2020   ·  

The apostles are in the back seat of the station wagon saying, “are we there yet?”. They have been saying it for a good long time and Jesus is saying “no, not yet.” Sound familiar? More

Abide Everywhere Including the Malt Shop

May 17, 2020   ·  

Jesus says if you love him, keep the commandments. 

And we know that to Love one another is the greatest of these. Jesus follower or not, what does the highest principal call from us? We are to love one another to treat one another as you would hope to be treated. It is not a bad way through this life. Our staying home, and not seeing each other is an act of Love, and to do it, means that you are extending that Love someone you have never met.  More

Do not let your hearts be troubled..reflection on Grief

May 10, 2020   ·  

Long after my mother’s death, after I returned from Calgary, I lived in a house right off of the exit that I so desperately waited to get through to get to the airport to get home to sit with my mother, to wait for death. 

Did I do it well?  Not really.

Did I know how to sit with the dying; I learned my mum, she was my first teacher.

I did not freak out.

I said good-bye as best I could

Did I say the right things?  Some yes and some no

I did tell her I loved her. More

Frankie’s Deli and Lessons About Gatekeeping

What if all the aspirational things that we are called to do and be in the world, our High mindedness, our desire to bring more love more light more god, more goodness into the world. What if our desire for a good orderly direction is the moving in and moving out of the sheep gate.   What if it is our life with goodness and grace that we have as we move back and forth. More

What is the revelation in your life and how do you hold on to it?

Though afraid of what might come next they could not let this man go on, in the dark so they invite him to stay with them, to offer them hospitality.   We all know the story.  If push came to shove you could tell this story, it is like the birth narrative and the prodigal son, people know this story.  And it has one of my favorite lines in scripture that when echoed in our service I settle into it, how he had been made known to them in the breaking of the bread.  That is what a good story can do let you settle in and let you remember what you have learned, what was revealed to you. More

Hope is the main impulse of life

Apr 19, 2020   ·  

Hope is the main impulse of life and we have people engaging. We must help them explore their faith, whatever that spark of the divine is; we do that by doing it ourselves. 

We are called to look forward to the new, and just because we do not see it right now, do not mean we should look back.  Change is not easy ever and we are called to change the world and make it new.  The story is changing we see it in Jesus and we need to see it in ourselves.  More

The resurrection impulses that change the world.

Apr 10, 2020   ·  

Perhaps we can see smaller resurrections by looking out.   For many of us have the privilege, of working at home, sharing space with other, food and paid work. Others do not.  Acknowledging this and making differences as we can are The resurrection impulses that change the world. More

Terminator 2 and Jesus: seeing the world anew! (stop the turmoil I want to get off.)

Apr 05, 2020   ·  

Jesus is setting the table for us to see the world anew, to open ourselves up to see the world anew.  And we as humans need it we always need a re-framing.  When we are in turmoil, we need to have the spinning stop.  We need a new frame.   SO when we say it feels like the world is ending, think about this written by an unknown neighbor. More

Seeing with New Eyes

Mar 29, 2020   ·  

Seeing things with new eyes.
This gospel of Jesus is calling us to hear with new ears and to see the world anew.
There is a forging of people when there is Change. 
~there is no way that Lazarus was not changed by his death and resuscitation
~there is no way that Martha was not Changed

~there is no way that Mary was not Changed
~there is no way that the disciples were not Changed
~there is no way that we are not Changed by the disruption of the way WE ALL move through society. More