Love One Another

Apr 06, 2023   ·     •   John 13:1-17, 31b-35

Maundy Thursday Today’s Gospel reading, and indeed today’s service, is one of urgency, challenge, and action. Let’s trace through some of it if it doesn’t feel that way. Urgency, because … More

Turmoil Amid Triumph

Apr 02, 2023   ·     •   Matthew 21: 1-11

As we journey together through Matthew’s Gospel, turmoil is a frequent companion…it’s an understandable temptation to simply seek comfort and solace while overlooking the turmoil around and inside of us. Turmoil, like temptation, can help to clarify what is important, foundational, and essential in our lives. More

Faith and Certainty

Oct 02, 2022   ·  

  The sermon can be viewed here. More

Moving Forward: The Rich Man and Lazarus

Sep 25, 2022   ·     •   Luke 16:19-31

It is an unrelenting focus on the present and the future that marks our faith. Early Christianity was called “The Way” by its adherents. It’s not “the meander.” It is not “the look backwards.” Even when we remember, as we do, every time we celebrate the Eucharist, it is to anchor our present and to guide our future. More

Blessing the Sabbath

Aug 21, 2022   ·     •   Luke 13:10-17

Although we don’t often do a good job recognizing it, or valuing it in our own lives, it’s true that we all need rest. We need rest after we have performed a strenuous task, and we need rest to prepare for strenuous tasks that lie ahead. Thinking of rest as part of an essential part of a cycle of preparation, action, and recovery, is a good way to understand the Sabbath. More

Dr. James Cone and the Urgency of the Call

Feb 13, 2022   ·     •   Luke 6:17-26

James Cone, in the Cross and the Lynching Tree, and Luke in his Gospel, each drive home two key messages. Each is as provocative today as in past generations. Chris Phillips’ sermon doesn’t mince words or images in drawing parallels and getting us to think deeply about our own attitudes and beliefs in these times of grief and hope. More