The Rev. Christopher Phillips Associate Rector St Mark's Episcopal Church Washington DC

The Reverend Christopher Phillips Promoted to Associate Rector

Join us in celebrating!

Christopher has been with St. Marks since July 2021. His presence and kindness in leadership have been evident in planning worship, preaching, and teaching. The promotion from Assistant to Associate is the next step toward becoming a Rector in a congregation that he one day will serve. Learn more

Holy Week and Easter at St. Mark's Capitol Hill DC

Holy Week and Easter Services | 2023

Please join us!

Get the schedule and mark your calendar for all the Holy Week and Easter Services at St. Mark’s on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. All are welcome! Learn more

Sunday @St. Mark’s Online: Livestreamed Worship at 11:15 (Sermon Seminar at 10)

Whatever you believe or do not believe, all are welcome at St. Mark's

Join us online on Sunday morning for Sermon Seminar at 10 and/or the worship service at 11:15. Click the button below for details. Learn more


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Latest Sermons

What God Can Do with Earth and Ash

Feb 22, 2023   ·     •   Matthew 4: 1 - 11

… what if repentance is not about moral transformation but rather a shift in our perception? A possibility to see the world anew. More

Evolving in Faith

Feb 09, 2023   ·     •   Matthew 5:13-20

…Life is more complex than a set of rules. Context matters, so we must learn to live with the tension: the tension of not knowing and of living with uncertainty. For that we need to find our inner compass. We need to learn to know ourselves…. More

When Christmas Is Born in You

Dec 18, 2022   ·     •   Romans 1:1-7; Matthew 1:18-25

…the Spirit becomes the extension of God’s reconciling love and intervention in the world, and you are part of that amazing grace. In other words, when the Spirit of Jesus is born in you through the gift of the Holy Spirit, you participate in the Incarnation. More

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