2019-20 Christian Education Catalog Posted

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Visit the Christian Education page on this website to learn more about the program at St. Mark’s. There you can download the Christian Education Catalog for 2019-20. Learn more

A High-Ride to Bless the Steeple!

Flying Nuns? ...No wait...

What a sight! Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde and the Rev. Michele Morgan harness up for a ride in a 120-foot lift to bless the completion of the restoration of the … Learn more

2020 Canvass Theme: Planting Seeds

Planning the Garden and Planting Seeds

This year’s annual giving campaign theme is Planning the Garden and Planting Seeds. The generous planting of seeds always bears fruit. Find more details about the canvass and how to participate. Pledge online! Learn more

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Dying to Live

Oct 13, 2019   ·     •   2 Timothy 2:8-15

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Rich in Everything–But Compassion

Sep 29, 2019   ·     •   Luke 16:19-31

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Plunging Beneath the Surface

I spent many summers swimming in the James River in Richmond, Virginia. Located right at the fall line of the river, the waters are churning and muddy. When you’re in this water, you can’t see where you’re going, and you’re constantly getting whipped and pulled around. Our lives, lived in the constantly changing present moment, remind me of swimming in the James… More

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