Group gathered around the altar to receive communion, from behind, east side of Nave

The Canvass for 2023: The Power of Homecoming

When we come home, we are welcomed with open arms.

Each of us is a gift. Your pledge during the Canvass for 2023 confirms our shared commitment to our faith community and empowers us, together, to bring more light, more love, and more God into our community and the world. Learn more

string quartet at st marks capitol hill dc

Holiday Music at St. Mark’s Capitol Hill

Get the details and mark your calendar!

Come enjoy the music of this holiday season at St. Marks Capitol Hill. A Christmas Ghost Story, Lessons and Carols, Baroque, 21st Century, and a Christmas sing-along. Learn more

Sunday @St. Mark’s Online: Livestreamed Worship at 11:15 (Sermon Seminar at 10)

There is more than one way to BE CHURCH!

Join us online on Sunday morning for Sermon Seminar at 10 and/or the worship service at 11:15. Click the button below for details. Learn more


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Latest Sermons

Break Down the Dams! (And let justice roll on like a [free-flowing] river)

Oct 30, 2022   ·     •   Luke 19: 1 - 10

Particularly as seekers, as people of faith, the danger of supporting these dams, these divisions, is creating for ourselves a finite God of our own image and our own making-by deciding who is in and who is out; who is acceptable and who is not. And, often times when we exclude others, we also end up excluding ourselves from God’s grace, love, and mercy. Whether you see yourself as Jesus, Zacchaeus, or the crowd in this gospel lesson, we are all responsible for breaking down the dams around us. After all, what does the Lord require of you, but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with God. More

Faith and Certainty

Oct 02, 2022   ·  

  The sermon can be viewed here. More

Moving Forward: The Rich Man and Lazarus

Sep 25, 2022   ·     •   Luke 16:19-31

It is an unrelenting focus on the present and the future that marks our faith. Early Christianity was called “The Way” by its adherents. It’s not “the meander.” It is not “the look backwards.” Even when we remember, as we do, every time we celebrate the Eucharist, it is to anchor our present and to guide our future. More

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