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St. Mark’s Capitol Hill is streaming services Sunday morning over Facebook Live. Join us there or click below to get the link. Learn more

Morning Prayer Online

Because a time such as this calls all of us to dig down deep...and be together in new ways.

Join others from St. Mark’s and the community in Morning Prayer online, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11 am EDT. While we must maintain spatial distance, we can be together every day in this. Learn more


Compline on Facebook Live

Join this "brief but beautiful vespers service" on Facebook Live | Mon-Sat evenings at 8:30 EST

“When Michele suggested that a group of us offer compline to the St. Mark’s Community by Facebook Live, I jumped at the chance.” Joe Hubbard, Seminarian, in a recent e-Gospel article. Get the details. Learn more


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Latest Sermons

The Many Directions of Reconciliation  What it means to become God’s reconciliation in the world. 

Apr 11, 2021   ·  

So for reconciliation, there is a component of timing, being Thomas and Mary more than Jesus I can say that not much is instantaneous but a slow working of showing up and doing the day to day work of moving toward those I am out of reconciliation with.   The other component the other ‘ward’ the other movement towards reconciliation is the rooting out of bad information or a bad piece of the story we tell ourselves.   More

Good Friday 2021

Apr 07, 2021   ·  

There is so much suffering in our world today.  As Christians, we are called to spread love, justice, compassion in our world today.  How deep is our faith?  How steadfast and courageous can we be so that does not betray, deny, or abandon those in need? More

Maundy Thursday 2021

Apr 07, 2021   ·  

Many of you have heard me tell of my family’s experience of this kind of Eucharistic vision on Navajoland, where we were assisting with COVID relief and building community gardens.  You’ve heard me tell of how, when my sister, Cornelia, risks her own health and safety to deliver fresh produce, eggs, and milk to sheltering families, she is quite literally handing over the bread of heaven.  Or how, when my brother, Leon, hauls barrels of water to remote communities with no access to running water, he is literally offering up the cup of salvation.  Or as my shimá, Paula, and her husband Hank chop and deliver loads of firewood to sheltering elders, they are literally sharing the light of Christ that keeps the frigid night winds at bay and preserves life.  Theirs is a vision of Eucharist that shapes us to live life in radical relationship, as a sacrifice for others.  This is, I think, what Augustine meant when he wrote that, if we receive the Eucharist as it has been given to us, we “become what we receive,” the bread of heaven broken for the life of the world.  More

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