Art at St. Mark’s and in the Nave:

Over the years, art has contributed to our liturgical collection:

  • Loaves and Fishes for over the altar – Church members, including children, contributed to the sculpture. An idea of Peter Mosely, organized and realized by Tracy Council.
  • Stoneware crèche, stoneware chalice and paten (Betty Foster)
  • Stations of the Cross woodblock prints (Tracy Councill)
  • The Owl Project – Owls against sexual harassment (Elin Whitney-Smith and the Parliament of Owls)
  • Fair linen (Marlies Jervis)
  • Wood pledge pillar, box, and tract rack (Paul Monahan)
  • Lectern sculpture (Lynda Smith-Bugge)
  • Broken mirror cross, Epiphany star (Joya Cox)
  • Paraments/vestments for Advent in Marian blue in which engaged parishioners brainstormed at a parish retreat using the upcoming Advent readings; Tracy then took the ideas and designed two chausables, lectern and pulpit hangings, two stoles, and a veil plus two handwoven stoles reflecting the homespun of that era (Tracy Councill, Doris Burton, Arts Council gift)
  • A mobile of origami doves for Pentecost (Tracy Councill)

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