We are thankful our parish community is filled with caring individuals who seek to follow Christ’s injunction to “love one another.”

Caregiving is everyone’s business at St. Mark’s.  Each of us is engaged when we greet someone, listen, pray for those in need, write a card, lay on hands, visit someone who is in the hospital or homebound, provide a meal or a ride for someone, etc.

If there is a need or you would like to more formerly provide care, let us know.

Clergy and trained Pastoral Visitors participate in pastoral visits and take communion to parishioners who cannot get to church. Contact us if you are in need, or know of another parishioner in need:

The Rev. Michele Morgan, Rector
Office phone: 202.543.0053, ext. 301
Email: michele@stmarks.net

The Rev. Patricia Catalano, Liturgy and Pastoral Associate

Email : adjunct@stmarks.net

The laying on of hands is an ancient Christian tradition in which an individual asks for a prayer on his or her own behalf or on behalf of another. While touching the person’s head or shoulders, the lay server invokes god’s healing power on behalf of the individual. At St. Mark’s, parishioners are selected and trained to provide this ministry, which is offered during communion on the first and third Sundays of the month.

Contact Clergy to have yourself or a loved one in need added to the Parish Prayer List.

St. Mark’s offers a small support group for those caring for a family member, spouse, partner, child, or friend who is seriously ill, suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s or other difficulties. This group provides opportunities for individuals to confidentially share the struggles they are experiencing in making decisions, giving concrete assistance, and advocating for friends or family members approaching the end of life or trying to live independently with a chronic condition. The group meets the last Tuesday of the month on Zoom at 7:30pm.  Email Julie Murphy to join.