Sunday Services: September 7

10:00 am Holy Eucharist,11:00 am Sermon Seminar:

The Rev. Justi Schunior, Associate Rector

5:00 pm Contemplative Eucharist

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Worship Schedule and Events

  • Thursday, 9/18 - 12:00 PM Thursday Noon Eucharist
  • Sunday, 9/21 - 10:00 AM 10AM Holy Eucharist
  • Sunday, 9/21 - 5:00 PM 5:00PM Contemplative Eucharist
  • The Spirituality of Eating

    Mr. David Deutsch

    Tenth Sunday after Pentecost - August 17, 2014

    Sermon – St. Mark’s – August 17, 2014

    The Spirituality of Eating

    Gospel: Luke 24: 13-16, 28-32



    Before I begin I just want to mention how much I have enjoyed the three sermons that have already been preached on the topic of Meeting God in Our Lives: Exploring Spiritual Practices. Suella, I love the lines from Psalm 46 that you... Continue reading The Spirituality of Eating

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