Sunday, March 29 -- Palm Sunday
8:45 am Liturgy of the Palms+ Holy Eucharist
10:00 am Sermon Seminar
11:15 am Liturgy of the Palms + Holy Eucharist
5:00 pm Liturgy of the Palms + Contemplative Eucharist
Come and join us.
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C. - the Home of the Open Communion

Wherever you are
on your faith journey...

Whatever you believe
or don't believe

Baptized or not...

We welcome you to join us

Holy Week Schedule
March 29, Palm Sunday
8:45am, 11:15am, 5:00 pm Liturgy of the Palms + Holy Eucharist

April 2, Maundy Thursday
6:00pm Footwashing Service + Fellowship Hour
7:30pm Agape Feast + 8:30pm Holy Eucharist & Tenebrae

April 3, Good Friday
12:00pm Good Friday Service + 1:30pm Stations of the Cross

April 4, Holy Saturday
8:00pm Inter-denominational Easter Vigil, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

April 5, Easter Sunday
8:45am, 11:15am, 5:00pm Holy Eucharist
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C. - the Home of the Open Communion

St. Mark's Episcopal Church is a community of individuals. Come and be. Come and belong.

Worship Schedule and Events

  • Wednesday, 4/1 - 7:00 AM Lenten Morning Prayers
  • Thursday, 4/2 - 12:00 PM Thursday Noon Eucharist
  • Thursday, 4/2 - 7:00 PM Agape Dinner
  • Thursday, 4/2 - 8:15 PM Holy Eucharist, Tenebrae, Strepitus
  • Thursday, 4/2 - 12:00 AM Maundy Thursday
  • Friday, 4/3 - 12:00 PM Noon Eucharist
  • Friday, 4/3 - 1:00 PM Stations of the Cross Service
  • Friday, 4/3 - 12:00 AM Good Friday
  • Saturday, 4/4 - 8:00 PM Inter-Denominational Easter Vigil
  • Saturday, 4/4 - 12:00 AM Holy Saturday
  • Learning to Breath Underwater

    Senior Warden Grady Hedgespeth

    Second Sunday in Lent - March 01, 2015

    Sermon Title - Learning to Breath Underwater  – Grady B. Hedgespeth, Senior Warden, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Capitol Hill, March 1, 2015

    Text:  Breathing Underwater, a poem by Sr. Carol Bielek, RSCJ and Matthew 6:25-34

    The title of my sermon today is Learning to Breathe Underwater and it is about acceptance.  When “I,” becomes “you,”... Continue reading Learning to Breath Underwater

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