Father, Glorify Your Name

Mar 17, 2024   ·     •   John 12:20-33

How do we begin to understand the glory of God and the Cross? More

A Glimpse of the Truth

Feb 11, 2024   ·     •   Mark 9:2-9

Maybe, when Jesus shows us who he is, we should believe him. More


God is calling us as we are, these finite and limited creatures who are capable of extraordinary things.  More

Embracing Uncertainty

Dec 10, 2023   ·     •   Mark 1: 1-8

“What if, instead of denying it, we embrace our uncertainty?” More

All Saints Day 

Nov 05, 2023   ·     •   Matthew 5:1-12 

We are a product of those who come before us, and if we are to live into our blessings, we are called to remember today and strive for change tomorrow.  More

The Choice to Love

Oct 29, 2023   ·     •   Matthew 22: 34-46

It is often difficult to love our neighbors. We wonder how this is even possible. St. Mark’s provides us a safe place to practice making this loving choice over and over again, supporting us on our baptismal journey. More

Maybe It’s About Power

Oct 22, 2023   ·     •   Matthew 22: 15-22

“Render unto Caesar, what is Caesar’s; render unto God, what is God’s.” What is the context? What if Jesus is speaking about power and how we wield it? More

But Who Do You Say That I Am?

Aug 27, 2023   ·     •   Matthew 16:13-20

God is still speaking to this Jesus following assembly here at St. Mark’s and has more for us to say and more for us to do together. More

Lessons in Democracy

Jul 02, 2023   ·     •   Matthew 10:40-42

247 years into this experiment in Democracy, I want to be cautious … Because of the shift in the body politic a service like this can be viewed as really close to the edge of Christian nationalism.

An Expansive God

“In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” When we hear these words, we feel that we belong to something bigger than we are. …When we sign ourselves, we feel protected, full of grace, and blessed. We church folk invoke the Trinity often, but we don’t like to talk about it. More