Support for Migrants

There are many ways to help migrants being bused to DC.

Governors at the southern border continue to send migrants to DC. Several of our Capitol Hill neighbor congregations are involved in assistance and many St. Mark’s members have been working at these sites, sorting donations, serving food, giving rides, playing with children, and providing welcome and warmth.

If you would like to help, here are a number of opportunities:

Capitol Hill United Methodist Church at Seward Square

  • Help on Thursday mornings. Sign up to help so the church can send you a volunteer information sheet and let you know if you are NOT needed on a given Thursday.
  • Sort supplies on Wednesday afternoons. Volunteers sort donated supplies for the migrants every Wednesday starting at 1 pm. Email Rev. Stephanie at revvader[at] if you would like to help with this effort.

Washington Seminar Center at Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church

This program desperately needs volunteers to wash bedding on a regular basis. The migrants sometimes spend nights at the church when buses come at night and/or DC emergency shelters are full. Folks need to pick up the laundry and wash and return it in one day. You can do it at your home or at a laundromat on
the Hill; if you do it at a laundromat, Seminar Center will give you cash to pay for the laundry machines.

Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network

Migrants arriving in DC from the southern border are in need of cold weather clothing: coats, jackets, sweaters/sweatshirts, pants, hats/mittens/gloves. Sturdy shoes are always needed! This is in addition to regular needs for shirts, socks, and underwear. All sizes and genders. Please bring new or lightly used items clean, bagged, and labeled, and put them in the box in the lobby. Items will be distributed through the Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network to migrants and others in need. For more information about how to support migrants coming to DC, go to

Phones Needed for Migrants

Many of the migrants also need phones. Anyone who wants to buy phones can contact Mary Miller Flowers at marysmiller[at]

St. Mark’s Support for Migrants Email List

If you would like to receive a weekly email with specific ways in which you can help migrants being bused to DC, contact Outreach Board Chair Julie Murphy at outreach[at] You do not have to commit to any of the requests, but you will at least know what tangible and immediate things are needed if you are able to help in a given week.

Questions? For more information or for questions, email Outreach Board Chair Julie Murphy at outreach[at]

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