St. Mark’s has long been and remains committed to supporting the arts in its many forms. Music is strongly integrated into our weekly services, which include organ and choral music and often features the talents of our parishioners who are accomplished pianists, flutists, brass instrumentalists, cellists, and vocal soloists.

For 70+ years, the arts have been an important part of community life. Over the years, activities have ebbed and flowed but never allowed to disappear.

In the 1990s, Rev. Jim Adams (1965-1996), gathered the leaders of the various arts groups to form a council originally charged with a simple structure that allowed for Vestry oversight. The Council meets as needed to encourage new groups to form and to support existing groups.

In 2002, at the request of the Vestry, the Arts Council undertook a major study of the diverse make-up of the arts groups and the impact of arts events on the church. The Task Force reported nearly 6000 people walk through our doors each year to attend a play, concert, or other arts event.

Over the years, we have had groups for photographers, needle workers, knitters, writers, etc. and are always open to new groups forming.