Signing In When You Attend Worship 

Look for the tables just inside our doors.

Beginning Sunday, October 24, we ask that when you come to church in-person—whether for a service, Sermon Seminar, or to drop off your children for Sunday School—that you sign in at the tables just inside the Courtyard door and the two A Street doors.

We still feel it is very important for us to maintain good contacts for notification in case someone reports they have gotten ill with COVID after attending church. We appreciate your cooperation. Sunday School students, teachers, choir, and all those who are involved in worship are kept track of by staff and volunteers. But everyone else who attends church is asked to sign in. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact me, Linell Grundman.

I want to thank all the wonderful volunteers who have helped our community regather with care since June. Your devotion to the health and safety of the parish has been a blessing to us all.

Linell Grundman
Senior Warden