Don’t put down you wheatie head! A sermon to honor Congressman John Lewis.

Jul 19, 2020   ·  

John Lewis once said, “You cannot be afraid to speak up and speak out for what you believe. You have to have courage, raw courage.”  Senator Kamala Harris said, In his memory, let’s continue to speak out against injustice and have the courage to make good trouble.

It is in saying what we believe in power that will enter into a conversation, you can not keep your head down, you have to in times like these say what you believe and put your stakes in the ground.  John Lewis did that.

John Lewis said what he meant and he stood by it, marched for it, rode for it, got jailed for it and put himself out on the line for it.

We honor him by holding accountable the powers that be who could pass laws that open the way for all people to vote, saying nice things about him now that he is dead and gone, NO.  Honor him by passing the voting rights act.   We need to make sure that people can vote rather than judge them for not voting. More

What is the revelation in your life and how do you hold on to it?

Though afraid of what might come next they could not let this man go on, in the dark so they invite him to stay with them, to offer them hospitality.   We all know the story.  If push came to shove you could tell this story, it is like the birth narrative and the prodigal son, people know this story.  And it has one of my favorite lines in scripture that when echoed in our service I settle into it, how he had been made known to them in the breaking of the bread.  That is what a good story can do let you settle in and let you remember what you have learned, what was revealed to you. More

Perhaps Something Good Can Come of It

And here comes Jesus, that guy setting everything on its head, turning up into down and down into up. That guy, Jesus, heals him in a messy way, smearing dirt and spitting mud into his eyes. And the mess is going to continue because we liked the old normal of this guy on the corner who we knew had sinned. And now this Jesus, this interrupter guy, has made a mess again, and the authorities have to make old normal sense of what has happened. More

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