The Last Chapter is About Us

Apr 10, 2016   ·     •   John 21: 1-19

This last story of the risen Jesus appearing to Peter and the disciples is an add on, a second thought by someone writing after the gospel of John was written … More

Thomas and Jesus, at the Resurrection

Apr 03, 2016   ·     •   John 20:19-31

We read this gospel the Sunday after Easter every year. That’s not something we usually do, read the same gospel, year after year. I know this because I must have … More

Witness to Pain

Mar 25, 2016   ·     •   John 18:1-19:42

It’s hard to face pain in the daylight. At least for me. Darkness seems to be the appropriate place for grief, pain, and sadness. As we darkened the church last … More

Maundy Thursday

Mar 24, 2016   ·  

Listen to Michele Morgan’s sermon for Maundy Thursday 2016. More

The Dance of Liturgy

Mar 20, 2016   ·     •   Mark 15:1-39

It’s been nice, since we’ve had the new building, for our office suite to be across the hall from the dance studio. When I walk to my office, I walk … More

Sermon — The Fourth Sunday in Lent

Mar 06, 2016   ·  

Listen to Michele Morgan’s sermon for the Fourth Sunday in Lent 2016. More

God, the Advocate Gardener

Feb 28, 2016   ·     •   Luke 13:1-9

I’ve really been enjoying our experiment with Taize worship this Lent. My first experience with Taize was in Atlanta, years ago, the Cathedral, my church, held a monthly Taize service. … More

Sermon — The Second Sunday in Lent

Feb 21, 2016   ·  

Listen to Michele Morgan’s sermon for the Second Sunday in Lent 2016. More

Sermon — The First Sunday in Lent

Feb 14, 2016   ·  

Listen to Michele Morgan’s sermon from the First Sunday in Lent. More

The Ash Wednesday Poet

Feb 10, 2016   ·     •   Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21

I never watch football, and yet somehow I managed to watch the entire Super Bowl this year, but miss the best part: the halftime show where Beyonce performed her surprise … More