Mission of the Incarceration Justice Group

We believe, as part of a faith community, that God’s love extends to all, including people who are incarcerated and those returning to the community. We strive to educate ourselves and others about incarceration justice, promote an expectation of care, dignity and respect for all, and partner with other organizations to advocate for change, while participating in direct service opportunities.

The Incarceration Justice Group meets monthly to discuss the incarceration systems in our country. We write letters to DC residents imprisoned in federal facilities, read books about incarceration, and discuss opportunities to advocate for reform of the incarceration systems in our region. For more information, contact Jan Lipscomb.

December 2022 Holiday Letter-Writing Effort

The Incarceration Justice Group will meet in-person on Sunday, December 18, 2022. We will write letters to individuals in prison or jail. During the holiday season, it can be particularly lonely and, as one person stated, “a letter from outside prison walls is a shining star in my darkness of times.” This will be a very meaningful offering to those who long for contact with the outside world.

Interested in joining us? Please contact juanita.lipscomb[at]gmail.com to sign up.

We’ll be writing letters between morning services and after the 11:15 service. Needed items and snacks will be provided. A specific room location is to be determined and announced.

We will welcome new members, some of whom have signed on to be pen pals and received training from IAHR (Interfaith Action for Human Rights). We will also work on letters to those in the DC Jail and letters to our political representatives.