2020 Annual Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting has been postponed; watch for updates.

St. Mark’s is now closed until May 16 at Bishop Budde’s behest; keep an eye out for further updates.

The following is from the original post and briefly describes the way the meeting is typically carried out. We hope that it will happen something like this (or a new way!) once this public health crisis has passed.

In accordance with the parish bylaws, St. Mark’s will conduct the annual parish meeting on [date]. On this day there will be one, abbreviated worship service at 10:00 a.m. followed by the annual meeting at 11:40. (Lunch together has been canceled due to Covid-19 concerns and guidance from the Diocese; the meeting will start earlier and be shortened to allow parishioners to have lunch elsewhere.)

Child care will be available.

The parish will elect three members of the Vestry and a Diocesan Delegate. If you are a potential candidate, please notify the outgoing members of the Vestry who constitute the core of the Nominating Committee. Those parish members are Tracy Councill, Alex Pereira, and Jim Brooks.

Read statements by this year’s candidates.