Christmas Greening Update

Several opportunities to help with this important Advent effort

Two Assistant Greening Leaders Needed

Lisa Ramish is CEO of this year’s Christmas greening, but we still need two vice presidents.

We need a Vice President of Greenery and Plants. This person will plan and order greenery and plants, set up their delivery, and organize their installation. (We can’t have a greening without green!)

We also need a Vice President of Lights. This person will make sure we have enough strings of lights and manage how they are installed after the 11:15 service on December 18.

Please email Lisa.ramish[at] to volunteer.

Sewing Help Needed

We are making some fabric collage banners for the Christmas greening, and we need help sewing the final design together. This requires very simple hand-sewing that you can do at home some time from December 4 to 18. If you are willing to help out, please email Lisa.ramish[at]

Volunteers Needed for Greening Setup and Takedown

We will be putting up Christmas decorations after the 11:15 service on December 18. We will take them down åfter the 11:15 service on January 1. We really need support for both times, but the “takedown” can be especially lonely. If you are available, please email Lisa.ramish[at] to volunteer.

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