New St. Mark’s eGroup

Whether you were on the Yahoo Group or not...

Eighty members of the former Yahoo listserv have now made the transition to a new, more user-friendly discussion platform. Learn more and consider joining this active chat group.

An Arts Council Invitation

Special Lenten Art Activities

The Arts Council invites you to contribute to some special Lenten art activities: Chalk-in on the Sidewalk – Parishioners and neighbors are invited to express their thoughts about wilderness in […]

2021 Lenten Mite Box: Incarceration Justice Issues

February 6, 2021

This year, the Mite Box Team will use the St. Mark’s Daily Email to provide a daily reflection about incarceration realities for you and your family to think about, starting on Ash Wednesday. Learn how to make your own mite box!

Reopening and Regathering Survey

January 30, 2021

The Reopening and Regathering Committee is pleased to launch a survey to inform our efforts to reopen for in-person worship. The survey is very simple and will only take about […]

Pledge Campaign Virtually at Goal and Still Open!

More important than ever this year...

See just a few of the things that your annual pledge goes to pay for and support. We are the church. Let’s do this!

Electrostatic Disinfectant Spray Treatments

A Good Aerosol To Fight the Bad Aerosol

Recently, we began weekly treatment of all spaces in our building with an electrostatic disinfectant spray. You may have seen news stories showing examples of this in airplanes, hospitals, schools, […]

Use of the Courtyard and Nave

Reservations Needed for Courtyard and Nave!

If you are interested in using the Courtyard or the Nave, please make advance arrangements with James, as the calendar is busy this season and COVID protocols must be ensured.

Contribute to the Refugee Community

Gifts for vulnerable among us

Good Neighbors Capitol Hill Refugee Program is grateful for the donations that St. Mark’s and other Capitol Hill friends and congregations have provided in the past. Now, during this season […]

Need something updated on the website?

November 6, 2020

If you are the leader of a group at St. Mark’s and would like to see new or updated content in your area of the site, here’s what to do…

Morning Prayer Online

Because a time such as this calls all of us to dig down deep...and be together in new ways.

Join others from St. Mark’s and the community in Morning Prayer online, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11 am EDT. While we must maintain spatial distance, we can be together every day in this.