Wednesday Drop-in Bible Study

Wed | noon-1:15 pm online

The Wednesday Bible Class invites you to join us online for an hour of Bible study, lunch, and fellowship.

We are continuing to study Paul’s Letter to the Romans and trying to more clearly understand this juicy Pauline perspective on Jesus. Our recent study of “Resurrection” will serve us well as we can compare some of our own thinking with Paul’s on the subject. We will use the Scholar’s Translation and some of their commentary as our class texts. Our focus is to continue to grow an understanding of our Bible, the context of these writings, the teachings of pre-Easter Jesus, the evolution of post-Easter Jesus, and the ways our ancestors understood and connected with God.

We aim to do our Bible study collaboratively and lovingly. As we grow our understanding, we return again and again to ask: How has our study affected what is meaningful to us about our tradition? In this class we hope to deepen our beliefs and grow ever more trusting of our connection with God.

New members are welcome and appreciated.

Join the group from noon to 1:15 pm via Zoom on Wednesdays from September 2, 2020–May 29, 2021. Visit this page on the St. Mark’s website for connection information.

Class Leader: Peter Mosley

If you would like to join the class, please email Class Administrator Raiford Gaffney.