Sunday Morning Bible Class: II Samuel, then Genesis

Sun | 9-10 am on Zoom

The Sunday Morning Bible Class began on September 20, examining Chapters 18-24 of Second Samuel, which focus on the story of the final years in King David’s life.

On December 16, the class will begin the journey through the complex Book of Genesis, from the creation to the world to the death of Joseph the Patriarch.

The class consists of discussion of the assigned reading for that day. Regular attendance is encouraged. Additional outside readings are not expected.

Date & Time: Sundays, 9–10 a.m., September 20, 2020–May 16, 2021 (except holidays)

Leaders: Bob Ewald (Leader); Andrew Stafford (Zoom Administrator)

Location: Zoom

If you are interested in taking this class, please send an email to Bob Ewald with “Subscribe to Sunday Morning Bible Class” in the subject line.