A note about the Lessons in Democracy a July 4th “Lessons and Carols”

Join us for this special service on July 7
…we will celebrate on July 7th.

At the heart of it all, our liturgy is defined as the church’s public worship of God. The term is derived from Greek words for “people” and “work.” The church’s public worship of God is the work of the Christian people. The life of Christ active in the church by the Spirit is expressed through liturgy. Liturgy is sacramental. Outward and visible realities are used to express the inward and spiritual realities of God’s presence in our lives. Liturgy reflects the belief of incarnation theology that tangible and finite things may reveal divine grace and glory. In the West, it includes all public rites and church offices.

This Lesson in Democracy is a service that I brought here, and we first did it in July 2016. I wanted to give us a chance to hear great oratory about the state of the country throughout the passage of time and from many voices, giving us a fuller picture of the democratic experience. If we have preachers, we need to have different reactions as well.

Nat White will preach on July 7th, Thom Sinclair will preach on July 14th, and Michele Morgan will preach on July 21st. We hope to get a fuller picture of it all.

Any questions? Michele@stmarks.net

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