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Worship in the Round

At St. Mark’s, we worship in the round. It is one of the defining aspects of our community. In the 1950’s, a major transformation was made by replacing pews with moveable chairs. We continue to re-arrange chairs to this day. Our central altar is one step up from the floor; this communicates our belief and hope that God is with us, among us, in us. We don’t all profess to “know” God – for some of us, faith is as natural as breathing air, for others of our community, we have reasonable doubts. We revere the disciple, Thomas, who made his doubts known, who asked questions others may have wondered about, and who made himself vulnerable to Jesus.


Please contact Co-Directors of Worship with any questions or requests for information: 

Jessie Babcock

Alvin Moseberry

St. Mark's Episcopal Church is a community of individuals. Come and be. Come and belong.