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Liturgy Planning Team Overview

The essential base for every religious community is worship. For many years, lay members have participated in planning our worship services. Each month, the Liturgy Planning Team meets to discuss format and liturgical elements to incorporate, such as dance, a dramatic presentation and special artwork. In addition, time is spent discussing the Biblical themes and symbols from our Christian heritage with the Clergy.


2014 Liturgy Planning Team

Paul Abernathy, Justice Schunior, Jeff Kempskie, Loretta Veney, Suella Henn, David Deutsch, Raiford Gaffney, Janice Gregory, Carnie Hayes, Tiiu Kera, Janet LIpscomb,  Jim Steed, John Terry, Nat White, Mary Thuell, Alvin Moseberry, Jessie Babcock.


Worship Co-Directors
Jessie Babcock and Alvin Moseberry

Vestry Liaisons
Jim Steed and Mary Thuell
Director of Music
Jeff Kempskie
Chancel Choir President
Martha Connor-Donnelly
Youth Choirs Liaison
Christmas Greening
Easter Greening
Laying on of Hands
Barbara Nelson
Maundy Thursday Dinner
Sound System and Lights
David Deutsch
Raiford Gaffney
Head Verger
David Deutsch
Jim Ashley, JennfJan Lipscomb, Burton Reist, Loretta Veney, Margaret Wood
Volunteer Coordinators
Kim Bayliss & M.L. Wagner, 9:00 am
Michael Knipe, 11:15 am
Altar Guild
Karen Falk, 9:00 am
Liz Layton, 11:15 am
Betsy Agle, 9:00 am
Chuck Divine, 11:15 am
Bread and Wine
Joe Tarantolo, 9:00 am
Beryl Lillaston, 11:15 am
Lay Servers
Karen Getman, 9:00 am
Linda Huntington, 11:15 am
Readers Guild
Susan Witek, 9:00 am and 11:15 am

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