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Liturgy Planning Team

The essential base for every religious community is worship. At St. Mark’s, we take pride in our liturgy – the “work of the people” – reflecting the creative energies and spirit of our parish community.  The St. Mark’s Liturgy Planning Team (LPT), which includes clergy and staff, as well as representatives from other groups, meets monthly to discuss seasonal liturgical themes, plan special services, discuss “what’s working and what’s not” in worship, and occasionally draft liturgy used in weekly worship. 

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2015 Liturgy Planning Team

Jessie Babcock (Co-Chair), Valeri Byrd (Co-Chair), the Rev. Michele Morgan, the Rev. Justi Schunior, Jeff Kempskie, Mary Cooper, David Deutsch, Mary DeNys, Mary Jo Detweiler, Mary Ellison, Raiford Gaffney, Michael Knipe, Alvin Moseberry, Susan Sedgewick, Jim Steed, John Terry, and Nic Thornton.

Worship Co-Directors

Jessie Babcock and Valeri Byrd


LPT Treasurer and Vestry Liaison

Michael Knipe


Altar Guild Liaisons

Mary Jo Detweiler and Susan Sedgewick

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