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Worship at the “Church of the Open Communion”

St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C. - the Home of the Open Communion

At St. Mark's, we cherish stories.  As all Christian communities do, we listen to Bible stories, we study their meaning and try to apply them to our lives. Our priests share responsibility with laity in crafting sermons, working with the Liturgy Planning Team to discuss Biblical themes and symbols from our Christian heritage. In our historic Nave, we worship "in the round", where our seats surround a central altar and allow us to see each other during the services.

St. Mark's has four distinct services, celebrating the Eucharist three times on Sundays and at a single service on Thursdays. Please join us.


Please contact Co-Directors of Worship with any questions or requests for information.

Jessie Babcock

Alvin Moseberry

St. Mark's Episcopal Church is a community of individuals. Come and be. Come and belong.