The Way of Love: Pray

Once a full manuscript is available, it will be included here. Until then, feel free to listen to the recording above. More

Aliens Among Us

Being an alien is not easy.  When you’re an Alien you are the Other, an Outsider, a Foreigner, a Stranger; in sum, you are one of  THEM and not one of US.  Being the other is scary for the alien but sometimes even scarier for the one who looks at that stranger from the other side. I know, because I have been an alien many times in my life. More

The Way of Love: Learn

Once a full manuscript for this sermon is available, it will appear here. Until then, please feel free to listen to the recording above. More

The Way of Love: Turn

As I sat there and ate, I noticed something very interesting: just a few feet in front of me there was a tall plant. As I said, I had eaten at this place many times before, but I had never seen this plant before! Or, rather—I’m sure I had seen it before. I’m sure light bounced off this plant and entered my eyes. But I had never noticed it before. I had always been so distracted by my phone, that I had missed this five-foot tall plant right in front of my eyes! More

The Way of Love: Introduction to an Epiphany Sermon Series

The Reverend Michele H. Morgan introduces the 7 Steps in the Way of Love, as proposed by presiding Bishop Michael Curry.
TURN Pause, listen, and choose to follow Jesus.
LEARN Reflect on Scripture each day, especially Jesus’s life and teachings.
PRAY Dwell intentionally with God each day
WORSHIP Gather in community weekly to thank, praise, and draw near God.
BLESS Share faith and unselfishly give and serve.
GO Cross boundaries, listen deeply, and live like Jesus.
REST Receive the gift of God’s grace, peace, and restoration.