St. Mark’s Mid-East Working Group

The St. Mark’s Mid-East Working Group (MEWG) works for peace, reconciliation, and justice for the people of Palestine and Israel by promoting greater understanding of historic and current issues in the Middle East; partnering with peace-seeking individuals and groups in all faith communities, both here and abroad; supporting our Anglican brothers and sisters in the Holy Land; promoting relevant policies adopted by the Episcopal Church; and recommending that St. Mark’s advocate for additional, appropriate policies and actions by the Episcopal Church and the U.S. government.

The working group was founded in June 2009. A coordinating committee from the congregation guides its work. Activities include bimonthly e-mail alerts about relevant events and links to articles of interest, a reading group, speakers, panel discussions, and films about the Middle East and the search for peace there.

Read the Mid-East Working Group’s charter, which includes an addendum on the “Scriptural and Ecclesiastical Context” for our work.

Learn more about St. Mark’s activities with Good Neighbors Capitol Hill, and the program for Refugee Resettlement.

To sign up for the MEWG e-mail list, contact Mandy Paust.
To reach the MEWG co-chairs, contact

Upcoming events

Special Collection Maundy Thursday and Good Friday: This year St. Mark’s will again join Episcopal churches across the country to support the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem with a special collection. Because of U.S. Government cuts in funds to UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) and USAID, humanitarian organizations serving Palestinians are in dire need. The withdrawal of $25 million from the East Jerusalem Hospital network is having a devastating effect on the Princess Basma Center, which provides rehabilitation treatment to more than 700 children from Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem. Clashes at the border and deep unrest in Gaza have added to the patient load at the Episcopal Al Ahli Hospital, where the outpatient clinic alone sees more than 500 patients monthly. UNRWA funding to the hospital was reduced by 75% because of U.S. cuts. We hope that when the plate is passed on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, you will give generously. This is a project of the Mid-East Working Group. For more information, contact Maureen Shea.

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