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St. Mark's Two Pledge Drives: The 2014 annual membership canvass ... and the Vision 2020 Capital Campaign

St. Mark's Canvass 2014:  Every fall, members, friends and newcomers are canvassed and asked to make a pledge of financial support for the coming calendar year.   The annual church operating budget is based on the sum of these pledges, and the number of programs that St. Mark's is able to offer depends directly on its donors’ generosity.  Canvass 2014 kicked off October 20 and will run throughout the fall of 2013.  To learn more about what it means to make a pledge and to become a pledging member of St. Mark's, click here.     For more about Canvass 2014 -- including Pledge Forms and other materials -- see the downloadable documents listed at the bottom of this page.

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[Click here, to make a pledge payment for Canvass 2013.]


The Vision 2020 Capital Campaign:  In 2011, St. Mark’s launched the Vision 2020 Capital Campaign to raise money for new class-rooms, meeting space, and clergy and staff offices.   This campaign is slated to continue through 2016 – and if you have not made a gift or a pledge, you are encouraged to do so.  We are on the verge of outgrowing our facilities and we must expand to accommodate our vibrant and energetic parish.  For more information about the Vision 2020 Capital Campaign and our building plans, see the downloadable documents listed at the bottom of this page – then click here to learn the latest campaign news.

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QUESTIONS?   Email Susan Block, the Parish Administrator for Finance and Membership – or call her, at 202-543-0053, ext. 305.

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