Owl Parliament Against Sexual Harassment

Oct 20, 2018

Women! We’ve formed the Parliament of Owls to mark the instances of sexual harassment the women of St. Mark’s have experienced over a lifetime. There is no need to come forward, tell your story, or attend a meeting. No names will be used. Just estimate how many instances of sexual harassment you’ve experienced, then tell one of the members of parliament (listed below). Tell us in person, via email, or by phone.

In November, we’ll hold sessions for women to gather and learn how to fold origami owls to commemorate these experiences. Early in 2019, we’ll do an art installation to display the origami owls.

Any woman is welcome to join the current Parliament of Owls: Amber Macdonald, Elin Whitney-Smith; Jan Lipscomb, Marika Klein, Susanne Allen, Raiford Gaffney, Jan Hoffman, and Lil Taylor.