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The Gospel According to St. Mark's - Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Twentieth Sunday after Pentacost, Oct. 14, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

      10.00 AM – Memorial Eucharist in Celebration of the Life of Johana Evangeline McCarthy (Nave).  Reception to follow.



Sunday, October 14, 2012


      9.00 AM – Family Eucharist (Nave) – Paul Abernathy, Presider & Children’s Reflection; Justi Schunior, Co-Presider

            N.B., Due to second Sunday of the month Family Eucharist at 9.00 AM, Children’s Chapel will not be held.


      10.00 AM – Sermon Seminar (Nave) – Paul Abernathy and Cecilia Monahan, Senior Warden, Preachers

            Canvass "Kick-Off" Sermon: A Reflection on Matthew 6.21

                  Where your treasure is, there, too, your heart - Paul

                  Where your heart is, there, too, your treasure - Cecilia


      11.15 AM – Holy Eucharist (Nave) – Paul Abernathy, Presider; Justi Schunior, Co-Presider; Paul Abernathy and Cecilia Monahan, Preachers


      5.00 PM – Contemplative Eucharist – Justi Schunior, Presider & Preacher

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St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

3rd & A Streets, SE
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 543-0053

The Reverend Paul Roberts Abernathy, Rector
The Reverend Rebecca Justice Schunior, Associate Rector
Ms. Marcella Gillis, Director of Youth Ministries
Mr. Jeff Kempskie, Director of Music
Ms. Susan Block, Parish Administrator for Membership & Finance
Ms. Angela Nedd, Parish Administrator for Programs & Facilities

Service Notes and Music

Prelude   Be Thou My Vision, Slane, arr. Franklin D. Ashdown (b. 1942)

Opening Hymn   God, creator, source of healing, Tune: Abbot’s Leigh

Sequence Hymn   488 Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart, Tune: Slane

Offertory Anthem

   (9:00) Come, All Children, Sing to the Savior, Gilbert Martin - Boys & Girls Choir, Nadine Hathaway, Director

   (11:15) Steal Away, African American Spiritual, arr. Nicholas White - Chancel Choir                           

Presentation Hymn  288, v.3, Tune: Dix

Sanctus & Benedictus  Craig Phillips

Fraction Anthem   Christ Our Passover, Craig Phillips

Music During Communion

   (9:00) Hymn 602 Jesu, Jesu, fill us with your love, Ghanaian Folk Song

   (11:15) Meditabor in mandatis tuis, Orlando de Lassus (1530-1594) – Chancel Choir

   LEVAS 151 One bread, one body, John B. Foley, SJ

   LEVAS 221 This Little Light of Mine, African American Spiritual

Closing Hymn  655 O Jesus, I have promised, Tune: Nyland

Postlude  O Blessed Spring, Berglund, arr. Robert Buckley Farlee (b. 1950)

From Paul Roberts Abernathy, Rector

My Dear Community,


The Canvass is coming!  The Canvass is coming!


Earlier this week, packets were mailed to the households of all 2012 pledgers with relevant materials and my cover letter.  The same materials, with the cover letter of our Senior Warden, Cecilia Monahan, were mailed to homes of newcomers.  Cecilia and I also will speak to the nature of this request and commitment in our sermon this coming Sunday, which wil be a "book-ended" meditation on Matthew 6.21.  I will reflect on Jesus' word: Where your treaure is, there is your heart also.  Cecilia will reflect on the converse statement: Where your heart is, there is your treasure also.


I ask, please, that you, to paraphrase that olden Collect, "read, mark, and inwardly digest" the contents of the mailing as an aspect of your discernment and decision about making a pledge in support of the life and labor, mission and ministry of our St. Mark's community in the coming 2013 year.


Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to call Cecilia or me - or both of us!


Love and Peace, always and in all ways,