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The Gospel According to St. Mark's - Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Twenty-Second Sunday After Pentacost , Oct. 28, 2012

Paul Abernathy, Rector, will be away this Sunday.


This Sunday, we continue with our contemplation of creation-care.  Our series of thematic liturgies (crafted by Randy Marks and Justi Schunior) and sermons focused on our conscious and faithful relationship as stewards in and with the world around us began last Sunday and will conclude on Sunday, November 25.


9.00 AM – Holy Eucharist (Nave) – Justi Schunior, Associate Rector, Presider


9.00 AM – Children’s Chapel (Adams Room) – Kristen Hawley, Seminarian, Leader


10.00 AM – Sermon Seminar (Nave) – Justi Schunior, Preacher


11.15 AM – Holy Eucharist (Nave) – Justi Schunior, Presider & Preacher


5.00 PM – Contemplative Eucharist (Nave) – Justi Schunior, Presider & Preacher

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St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

3rd & A Streets, SE
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 543-0053

The Reverend Paul Roberts Abernathy, Rector
The Reverend Rebecca Justice Schunior, Associate Rector
Ms. Marcella Gillis, Director of Youth Ministries
Mr. Jeff Kempskie, Director of Music
Ms. Susan Block, Parish Administrator for Membership & Finance
Ms. Angela Nedd, Parish Administrator for Programs & Facilities

Service Notes and Music

Prelude   For the Fruit of All Creation, Ar hyd y nos, arr. Frank Stoldt (b. 1958)

Opening Hymn   9 Not here for high and holy things, Tune: Morning Song

Hymn of Praise   412 Earth and all stars v. 2, Tune: Earth and All Stars

Offertory Anthem   Lord, We Pray Thee, John V. Roberts (1841-1920) - Chancel Choir, (9:00) Pam Lacey, (11:15) Charmian Crawford, soloist

Presentation Hymn  Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Tune: Lasst uns erfreuen

Sanctus & Benedictus  Susan Calvin Fletcher

Fraction Anthem   Susan Calvin Fletcher

Music During Communion

   (9:00) Go, My Children, with My Blessing, Welsh Folk Song, arr. Michael Burkhardt - Boys & Girls Choir, Nadine Hathaway, director

   Hymn 395 Creating God, your fingers trace, Tune: King

   Hymn 291 We plow the fields, and scatter, Tune: Wir pflugen

   Heal me, hands of Jesus, Tune: Sharpe

Closing Hymn  390 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, Tune: Lobe den Herren

Postlude  Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, Lobe den Herren, arr. Wayne Wold (b. 1954)

From Paul Roberts Abernathy, Rector

My Dear Community,


For many years, my normative practice has been to have one 24-hour period per week free of any engagement of vocational duty and responsibility.  Sometimes, the never-ending flow and pace of life of the church, particularly a parish community as vibrant as ours, can make that difficult to do.  The past five weeks has been such a period, during which I have had one day off.


I am wont to say to the members of our staff – industrious and committed folk, all! – “there is a reason why ‘self-care’ begins with self.”  When we do not exercise conscious stewardship of our personal resources of fitness and wellness, then we run the risk (perhaps, inevitability) of not being able to serve faithfully our livelihood or, indeed, live as fully and freely as we desire.  In all of this, I also have discerned that I am far better (quicker!) to give such counsel to others than to receive and follow it myself.


However, over the past five weeks, I have rediscovered that I am no longer 30 (although, in my mind, I often see myself as even younger).  As such, I need and will take Sunday-Wednesday, October 28-31 as comp time, returning to my office on Thursday, November 1, All Saints’ Day.


Yours truly,


Vision 2020 Update

VISION 2020 UPDATE– The Vision 2020 team has been working closely this fall with our architect (Bonstra/Haresign) and our general contractor (Monarc) on the development of “95% complete” construction drawings for our renovation and expansion of the foyer, parish hall and kitchen and undercroft. Once Bonstra/Haresign finalizes these drawings, Monarc will have about a month to draft a full price estimate for construction. As we have shared with you previously, we have asked our architects to develop and Monarc to price separately a number of alternative elements of the project, so that we are best able to determine the feasible scope of the immediate project while planning for the future. Once we have Monarc’s estimate, the Vision 2020 team will make a recommendation to the Vestry. After consultation with our parish community, the Vestry will make the final decision on the scope of the project.


The complexity of what we have asked of our architects, engineers, and contractors in laying out the various alternatives has led to unavoidable delays. We had hoped to have the complete price estimate by mid-November; mid-December is more realistic. The Vision 2020 team now plans to deliver a recommendation to the Vestry before the end of this year.


This delay means that the scheduled parish-wide meetings on November 18 and December 2, which were designed to be an opportunity for you, the members of our St. Mark’s community, to hear about the latest plans, ask questions, and provide feedback, will be delayed until after the Christmas holiday. There will be opportunities in January for parish-wide discussion and input, with the goal of having a final Vestry decision on the scope of the project slated for the January meeting. Stay tuned for details on the new dates for the parish-wide meetings. As of now, we remain on track for construction to begin next summer.


Once the Vestry has determined the final scope of the project and authorized the procurement of permits for construction, the Vision 2020 team plans to re-open the capital campaign to raise additional funds for the project. We’ll be asking those who have not yet pledged to the campaign to do so, and we’ll be asking those who have pledged to consider increasing their commitments. Look for additional details on the campaign before the end of the year.


Finally, a gentle reminder to those who have made a pledge to the Vision 2020 campaign: please make sure that your 2012 installment is paid before the end of the year. We need to stay on track with our fundraising as we enter the final pre-construction phase of the project, with an eye toward breaking ground next summer. Current pledgers will receive a reminder statement in the mail in November. Thank you very much!


-- Mike Townsend, Vision 2020 Co-Chair