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Outreach at St. Mark’s is how “we care for others with love, justice and compassion.” We seek to identify those in need and who live in our broader community both locally and internationally through partnerships with service organizations that empower individuals to develop their strengths and move toward self-sufficiency and self-determination.

Outreach is a dynamic process that has and will continue to grow and develop. To sustain outreach at St. Mark’s we use the analogy of a tree: the roots take our members’ assets and channels them like a tree trunk to service provides that support those in need which results in stronger organizations and individuals which further nourishes and strengthens the greater community.

Check out many of our opportunities to serve by visiting our new website.

The Outreach Board hopes to fulfill our mission by serving as contributor, catalyst, convener, collaborator, and connector between St. Mark’s members and partner organizations working in the community.

Contact either of the Outreach Board co-chairs to discuss how you wish to serve others through St Mark’s Outreach program. 

Jane Rutherford and Marlan Green

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