Before becoming a member of St. Mark’s, we invite you to explore our community. Attend our different worship services, each of which has its own personality. Afterwards, join us for coffee hour (following the 10 a.m. Sermon Seminar), Sunday Lunch (after the 11:15 a.m. service) or for our regular social hour after the 5 p.m. contemplative Eucharist to engage in discussion and meet members of the community. We also invite you to fill our a Visitor Card when you attend one of our worship services. You’ll get a follow-up from our clergy, and usually an invitation for coffee and conversation.

You can learn more about St. Mark’s through the Introduction to Life at St. Mark’s class.  Offered 3-4 times each year, this Sunday afternoon class provides a thumbnail sketch of our communal ethos – our vision (who we are and how we see ourselves) and our vocation and values (what we do and how we do it).  A variety of other classes is offered every year.

If you decide St. Mark’s is the place for you, you can become a member of our community by making a pledge of financial support in an amount that you discern; there is no minimum or maximum limit.

If you are interested in formal membership in the Episcopal Church, you are invited to take part in the twice-annual “What’s An Episcopalian?” class, which focuses on the history, theology, and liturgy of the Anglican/Episcopal Church and serves as preparation for the Rite of Confirmation. If you already have been Confirmed in the Episcopal Church, you may desire to have your membership recorded in St. Mark’s official Parish Register by obtaining a Letter of Transfer from your previous parish home.