Pillars of St. Mark’s

Below are the five divisions—called pillars—of lay-led programs at St. Mark’s followed by a list of satellite programs.

Co-Directors: Mary De Nys and Jim Steed
Vestry Liaison: Stephanie Deutsch
Treasurer: Michael Knipe
Laying On of Hands Coordinator: Barbara Nelson
Sound System & Lights: David Deutsch
Head Verger: David Deutsch
Morning Vergers: Loretta Veney, Josie Jordan, Jan Lipscomb, Michael Knipe
5 p.m. Vergers: Jim Ashley, Katherine Anderson, Martha Huizenga, Isabelle Cross, Jennifer Cate
Volunteer Coordinators:
Acolytes: Deanna Garner (9), Michael Knipe (11:15)
Altar Guild: Gretchen Willson (9), Doris Burton (11:15)
Door Greeters (Ushers): Josie Jordan (9 and 11:15)
Bread and Wine: Joe Tarantolo (9), Ryan Baugh (11:15)
Lay Servers: Karen Getman (9), Raiford Gafney (11:15)
Laying on of Hands: Jan Lipscomb (9 and 11:15)
Readers: Jim Steed (9), Jim Steed (11:15)
Newcomer Greeters: Peter Hawley (9), Katherine Anderson (11:15)

Co-Directors: Jane Sherman and Don Ellison
Treasurer: Joe Calizo
Vestry Liaison: Beth Mahood
Supervisors: Kitty Donnelly, Martha Connor-Donnelly
Catechesis Program: Kris Humphrey
Safeguarding God’s Children: Caroline McReynolds-Adams
Sunday School Registration: To register your child, please contact Caroline McReynolds-Adams.

Chair and Treasurer: Tracy Councill
Vestry Liaison: Tracy Councill

If you’d like to get involved,  you can read more about these Groups:

Chair and Treasurer: Julie Murphy
Vestry Liaison: Christina Herman
20’s and 30’s: Emily McDuff
Answering Angels: Bob Ewald
Archives and Parish History: Doris Burton, with Mary Cooper, Kenn Allen, and Cecilia Monahan
Caregivers: Rev. Scott Lipscomb and Rev. Cindy Dopp
Caregivers Support Group: Not presently meeting
College of Crustaceans: Doris Burton and Jim Steed
Film Club: Alicia Ruble
Holy Grounds (Baristas): Doris Burton
Green Lions: Betsy Agle
Lambda Lions: Rob Hall
Lichfield: Doris Burton
Middle-Timers and Baby Boomers: Rob Hall, Julie Murphy, and Linda Staheli
Parish Picnic and Fair: The Vestry coordinates with Parish Life committee.
Parish Retreat: Senior Warden and an annual working group
Pub Stewards: Doug Jackson, Jack Burton, Jim Steed
Reading Group: Linda Ewald
Third Agers: Don Gangloff
Woman to Woman: Edna Boone
Dozier Library: Peter Hawley

Co-Chairs: Steve Dalzell, Susan Sedgewick
Vestry Liaison: Jim Brooks
Officers: Dan Ramish, Secretary; Jane Rutherford, Treasurer

Local Outreach

Church of the Epiphany Welcome Table: Michael Knipe
Lenten Mite Box Campaign: The Outreach Board
Salvation Army Grate Patrol: Donna Sabino, Erika Lehman, Edna Boone
Samaritan Ministry Food Baskets: Gretchen Willson, David Willson, Bill Flanders
Soup Kitchen Outreach Programs: Jack Richards, Alix Pereira
Sunday Suppers: Lisa Ramish, Dan Ramish
St. Mark’s Shelter Ministry: Susan Sedgewick, Marlan Green
Newtown Vigil for Victims of Gun Violence: Cecilia Monahan

International Outreach

Honduras Committee: Collie Agle, Betsy Agle, Jennifer Dalzell
Mid-East Working Group: Maureen Shea, Mandy Paust

St. Mark’s Dance Studio: Rosie Brooks, Director
St. Mark’s Meditation Center: Collie Agle
St. Mark’s Music Studio: Jeff Kempskie, Director of Music (202-543-0053 x303)
Voice Lessons: Annie Simon, Adam Caughey
Piano Lessons: Stephanie Ng, Jeff Kempskie
St. Mark’s Players: Margaret Chapman, President
St. Mark’s Yoga Studio: Christine Brahmi Romero, Director (202-544-6356)