Program Leadership

Click on the expandable lists below to find the leaders of various parish activities.

Co-Directors: Linda Chandlee and Mary De Nys
Treasurer: Michael Knipe
Laying On of Hands Coordinator: Barbara Nelson
Vergers: David Deutsch, Head; Loretta Veney, Margaret Wood, Jan Lipscomb

    • • Acolytes: Kim Bayliss (9) Michael Knipe (11:15)


    • • Altar Guild: Susan Sedgewick (9) Joan Schindel (11:15)


    • • Beadles: Shay Way (9) Elizabeth Okeke-Von Batten (11:15)


    • • Bread and Wine: Joe Tarantolo (9), Cecile & Bill Jones (11:15)


    • • Lay Servers: Karen Getman (9), Linda Huntington (11:15)


    • • Readers Guild: Raiford Gaffney


    • • Sound/Light: David Deutsch

Director of Music: Jeff Kempskie
Chancel Choir: Jeff Kempskie, Director

    • • President: Charmian Crawford


    • • Treasurer: David Perry

Boys and Girls Choir: Libby Rivera, Director
Teen Choir: Nadine Hathaway, Director
Handbell Choir: Jeff Kempskie, Director (inactive)

Co-Directors: Joe Calizo and Lucy Brown
Treasurer: Susan Thompson
Supervisor: Kitty Donnelley
Art Supplies Coordinator: Edna Boone
Catalogue & Brochures: Karen Falk
Catechesis Program: Nora Howell
Conference Coordinator: Loretta Veney
Historian: Walt Moody

Convener: Christopher Herman ad hoc
Dance Studio: Rosie Brooks, Director
Music Studio: Jeff Kempskie, Director of Music
St. Mark’s Players: Mark Allen, President
Visual Arts Group: Vacant
Yoga Center: Christine Brahmi Romero, Director

Coordinator: Marilu Sherer
20s / 30s: vacant
Caregivers: Linda Ewald
Caregivers Support Group: Mary Welker
Coffee Hour: Fritz Henn (9 am), Jim Steed (11:15)
College of Crustaceans: Jim Steed, et al.
Film Club: Alicia Ruble
Lambda Lions: Rob Hall
Lichfield Cathedral (UK) Link: Doris Muller-Burton
Parish History & Archives Committee: Kenn Allen and Mary Cooper, co-chairs
Social Event Managers: appointed as needed for key events

        • Claggett (Parish Retreat)


        • Dance/Social


        • Parish Picnic


      • Maundy Thursday Dinner

Winged Lion Pub:

        • Pub Lunch Coordinator: open


        • Stewards: Jim Steed, Jack Burton, Doug Jackson


      • Treasurer: Charley Donnelly

Reading Group: Linda Ewald
Third Agers: Barbara Harvey, Susan Sedgewick
Woman to Woman: Edna Boone

Co-Chairs: Marlan Green, Ruth Ann Hess
Board Members: Doug Ammon, Susana Gomez, Michael Knipe, Dan Ramish, Jack Richards

        • Church of the Epiphany Welcome Table: Michael Knipe, Susana Gomez


        • Green Lions: Pamela Blumgart, Christina Herman


        • Honduras Committee: Collie Agle


        • Lenten Mite Box Campaign: vacant


        • Mid-East Working Group: Maureen Shea, Alissa Walter


        • Salvation Army Grate Patrol: Doug Ammon


        • Samaritan Ministry Food Baskets: Gretchen Willson, David Willson, Bill Flanders


      • Soup Kitchen: Jack Richards
Partner Organizations:
        • Capitol Hill Group Ministry: Jane Rutherford, Susan Sedgewick, Marlan Green


    • Sustainable Food Harvest International: Betsy Agle