St. Mark’s Capitol Hill, Annual Report, 2017


The following is based on a message from the Sr. Warden that appeared in The Gospel e-newsletter, January 6, 2017. Additional resources can be found at the bottom of the page for download or review in PDF form. These same documents are available in hard copy at the Church between now and the Annual Meeting on March, 26, 2017.


Dear Ones,

After a wonderful Christmas season, we turn to the matter of who our leadership will be for the next few years effective after the Annual Meeting on Sunday, March 26th. The following items contain key dates for those considering becoming Senior Warden, Junior Warden, a Vestry member or a Delegate to the Diocese. The first piece lays out the series of steps for candidates to pursue over the next couple of months and the second one describes an educational session for people wanting to know more about the roles and responsibilities of various leadership positions.

The Timetable for Running for One of the Key Leadership Positions


Every year the overall election process is managed by a Nominating Committee made up of outgoing Vestry members and two members of the parish appointed by the Senior Warden. This year the nominating Committee members are Steve Dalzell, Martha Huizenga, Fritz Henn, Bill Dickinson, Marilu Sherer, Doris Burton, Jack Burton (if he chooses not to continue as Manciple), and Peter Sherer. Anytime you have a question about the process please seek one of these people out because they will know the latest and the greatest.

The process begins with an announcement of key dates in the election process followed by people volunteering to run for various offices and being prepared to tell the congregation why they want to serve. This year we will be electing a Senior and Junior Warden, three members of the Vestry, and two Diocesan Delegates.

The role that we can all play is to encourage people that we think would be good leaders to think about running for office. Most Wardens and Vestry members tell me that they first thought seriously about running for office when someone asked them to consider it. So please encourage people you think could represent us well and ask them to volunteer in this important way.

The timetable is as follows:
  • Sunday, January 15th – Nominations OPEN
  • Sunday, February 19th  – Nominations CLOSE  
  • Sunday, February 26th – The official 2017 candidate slate can be reviewed here.
  • Sunday, March 26th – Annual Meeting. Elections will take place during the annual meeting.

A Briefing on the Roles and Responsibilities of Key Church Leadership Positions


On Sunday, January 22nd at 12:30 pm in the Dozier Library, please come and find out about the opportunity of serving as one of the Church Wardens, being on the Vestry, or representing the church to the Diocese as a Delegate. It is especially important for people considering one of these assignments starting in March to attend this meeting because we will be outlining the short- term challenges that new leadership will address. Whether you are considering running this year or not please feel free to come and learn what you would be doing if you decided to serve the community in this way.

Hugs all around,
Peter Sherer

Sr. Warden

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